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Front Range Tire Recycle Opens the Largest Rubber Mulch Facility in Colorado


Front Range Tire Recycle has just added the largest rubber mulch facility in Colorado! We have added the Front Runner Rubber Mulch product line, diversifying our recycled tire product line and furthering our commitment to environmental responsibility. The Front Runner Rubber Mulch product line will consist of rubber mulch, playground material, and an equestrian mix.


This million-dollar expansion to our current facility will allow Front Range Tire Recycle to recycle an additional 500,000 tires per year. With this plant expansion we will produce at least 1,000,000 pounds of rubber mulch, playground surfacing, and equestrian mix every month! Products will be available to the public as well as to distributors. The mulch products will be packaged in 2,000 pound super sacks and 30 pound bags.